Mac mini 2012 replace hdd with ssd

So i just picked up a late Mac mini. Dual core ghz. It has 16gb of ram and gb regular hard drive. It was in mint condition and it was.
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Dec 22, AM. Page content loaded. Apr 3, PM. They use 2. The latter are much faster. Visit OWC to see what your drive options and costs will be. I've still got some questions about this, but I'll open up my Mac Mini and report back to this thread soon! Usually, on the label of the drive.

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But you could tell just be looking at it. Of course, you could take my word for it because I happen to know. To be more precise the one on the right is also a 2. This is more because I can tell this, a hard disk also of 2. They are not my drives; I found the picture online. Also, I don't intend that one implies I prefer Crucial products over others. Just happened to be the image I chose.

This is true of HDDs, as well. Jan 2, AM in response to den. Jan 2, AM. Jan 2, PM. Pull the hard drive away from the front edge of the mini and remove it from the outer case. Remove the hard drive cable by pulling its connector straight away from the hard drive. Press the spacer onto the SSD as shown; proper orientation will ensure the spacer does not cover any screws or screw holes.

Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required Suggest a time?? Sections 7. Flags 0. Introduction Use this guide to completely replace your Mini's hard drive. Step 1 Bottom Cover. Add a comment.

SSD for Mac mini

Add Comment Cancel. Step 2. Step 3 Fan. THe funny here is SSD is working fine. The data transfer is Fast, as you expect from an SSD. Is just the booting time what buggs me. The first boot will be slow long explanation but subsequent ones should be very quick. I restarted but everything still the same. The mac mini takes like minute to start up the OS.

Taking to start really is strange. This should show you a list of bootable volumes. Choose the SSD and see how long it takes. That would be useful info. The install combined both drives as one. In a fusion format I believe the OS is installed in the regular HD and the SSD part is used for frequently used apps to accelerate the boot times of than program in particular. It should take between 12 and 15 secs to boot up. Hope this help. I am at a loss to know why TRIM would have an impact on app-launch time.

Or boot-time. Well, my problem is not with the Apps.

As I mentioned, the SSD works fast to write and read…. Already solved. Then reconect the HDD and format and woala! If booting to external ssd OS drive. I do not see why that would be so.

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Thank you so much for your question! Using a bootable flash drive is a great option for putting a new OS on a new drive! This being said, if there is ever any corruption on that USB drive, it will be transferred onto the new drive as well. The safest way to download an OS would be to do an internet recovery! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team!

Thanks for any clarification you can provide, much appreciated. We actually have a step by step instruction on how to create your own Fusion Drive! Please follow these steps and feel free to contact our Technical Support Team if you have any questions!

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I would like some points clarified, if possible. I have a refurbished MacMini that I bought in late The recovery partition also contains OS X The HDD in the second slot will be used as a clone backup. And if so, will it always apply regardless of the version of OS X and recovery partition installed? This whole ordeal has been way more trouble than it was worth. Great questions! Updating the OS should update your recovery partition. I would however recommend to follow the instructions in the article just in case.

2012 Mac Mini Ram and SSD Upgrade

When upgrading a drive or changing out a drive in a MacMini it will be best to follow these instructions to ensure that there will be no data loss. It will not matter what bay the SSD is in. Hi, Marcel. The Mac mini is compatible with macOS Sierra.

SSD Interfaces Compared

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our helpful customer service team! There was no suggestion that it wanted to try Fusion on them. I have done this as well: Samsung EVO in lower drive bay original hdd location and Seagate 2tb in the other bay. Kept them as separate drives. Is anyone running Sierra smoothly with third party disks?

Or is this a new level of proprietary tyranny from Apple? Is there a version number of the Disk Utility app we can just check to know if it is the version that will try and repair a new install thinking the two drives are one fusion drive? Once opened you will be able to see what OS you are currently running! If you have any further questions, please contact our Technical Support Team!

I installed the two-drive upgrade without any major issue.

Mac Mini Late 2012 SSD Installation

It was not a quick job by any means but OK if you have the right tools and are patient. One note — a couple of the screws labeled as T-8 are actually T-9 the ones attaching the drive to the antenna grate. No drama. Then I migrated my data from the backup copy.

So I reconfigured the drives, eliminating the Fusion lvg and reformatting as two separate drives. This is now working very nicely. I looked at the installation videos. The videos are great though because it shows exactly how the sequence proceeds. For the Mini, the SSD is a standard format 2. Later models are different, but the is an easy upgrade. All the cables and screws are already there. You just need to move them from the old drives to the new ones. Earlier models, such as Mini, had some but these are external and can be transferred.

You can peel these off by gently lifting on the sides and then reapply to the new drives. For the Mini, the temperature sensors are attached to these plastic sheets. For the there are no sensors.