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Is there a flight simulator that can be run on a newer Intel Mac for around $ or less using a joystick? Or is it better to buy an RC electric plane to learn basic.
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Then again it does makes a lot of sense. BTW I do think thank you're a natural from your first experience flying!!!!

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Again thanks so much. Ironically I ordered this week a CG machine and it should arrive Thursday. Thanks for mention it. I'm simply trying to correct all the steps as possible to avoid bad habits in the future.

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I do take in consideration your advises!!! I will also look into the Aerofly Ikarus. Thanks again Baron! Aug 28th, , PM. It works great on my MacBook Pro. I used it with the trackpad initially - workable, but not ideal. Using a spare Playstation 3 controller over Bluetooth, Aerofly recognized the device immediately, and it flys great! TBH the PS3 controller is sufficient to have lots of fun. It has two analog controllers so I'm not sure what advantage the DX6i will bring, other than that I can use it to fly a real RC plane!

Aug 29th, , PM. Tip: you don't have to turn on the DX6i. Just plug in the jack in the back.

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My adapter cable has a poor design since it sticks directly out the back; placing the controller on the table places the weight on the cable. It would have been better if the jack had been L-shaped directing the cable to the side.

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Minor quibble. The set up works well though I've had to re-configure it a couple of times.

Seems to work best if the DX6i is connected before starting Aerofly, and unplugged after quitting. Fun times! Feb 21st, , AM. Aug 9th, , PM. I just purchased the Aerofly 7 simulator for MacBook Air and installed it. I checked with the upgraded versions and cannot find a Carbon Z Cub or anything close to it in size. Did I possibly miss it? My issue was that the screws were not clearly identified. It took me to weeks to realize I had the throttle screws mounting my yoke, so I could not mount my throttle quadrant.


The screws should have come in 3 different packages with a small label in each set. One for mounting the crossbars that hold the ruder, one for the bars that attach the cross bars onto the yoke stand, X-Plane Only 12 left in stock - order soon. It contains Nine 9 disks. I put this version on an older computer while waiting for a new PC.

I had to turn the settings way down to keep the frame rate from freezing up.


The scenery is bad with no reference to any known landscape or buildings in an area. On the plus side of X-Plane11, the aircraft are very easy to fly and they handle well, much better than FXW aircraft. This is why I gave it a 4 star rating. A better computer will make this program a five star product.

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  6. X-Plane11 has a FAA approved version also. Stu After I loaded X-Plane 11 in a new computer, the program came alive. Outstanding flight simulator. Highly recommend X-Plane X-Plane Regional:North America This is a 5 star program if you are serious about flying because the computer modeling is very close to how the real planes fly. If you just want to "yank and bank" or shoot things down, look for something else.

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    Flight Unlimited. Flight Unlimited takes place in two airports somewhere in Vermont and somewhere in France. Your job in this game is to successfully test and fly these airplanes without crashing and safely landing them. The graphics should improve though. The water and land just looks like big pixels. If you are doing a flight simulator with no practice and trying for the real thing, you have a radar of the commander to aid you on your quest to successfully fly and land airplanes. You should get this game if you are big fan of planes.

    Flying and landing may sound boring, but just think how difficult it is to get over the mountains Available Now. Currently unavailable. Flying on the simulator is addictive. Great for hand-eye coordination practice. Would like to add that Aerofly technical support was very quick and responsive when I had a small glitchthey helped solve a download problem with my Macbook Air with a step by step procedure that worked perfectly. I have been flying RC for about a year.

    Nothing fancy, high wing slow flying planes. Just getting into trying to fly upside down and do rolls nice and smooth.

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    Also just bought a 3D Parkmaster Pro. Did some research and found this app. Wow, so awesome.

    Phoenix RC simulator version 3.0.s on Mac OSX

    Much better than the simulator I was using. But, my PS4 controller works fantastic. So I am using that for now. It is great and has already made me a better pilot.